15 Years of Moon Harbour (Matthias Tanzmann interview)


Unlike most house labels, Moon Harbour is one of the only to be celebrating their 15-year anniversary and already talking about their 20th. We catch up with label manager Dan Drastic and Circoloco/DC10 Ibiza resident Matthias Tanzmann to find out the secret to owning such a successful and well-known label.


“It was quite a journey for us from a little Deep-House niche operation to an internationally well-received Tech-House label. I met Matthias shortly after he founded the label with André and was always a fan and now I’m working here for already 9 years and couldn’t be prouder of what we have achieved in those years.”


To celebrate the 15th year anniversary of Moon Harbour Recordings, a compilation album ’15 years of Moon Harbour’ has been released, supported by the likes of Richy Ahmed, Catz’n’Dogz,Yousef and Steve Lawler.


Drastic explained the idea behind the compilation album; “We actually started on the concept in September of last year as soon as it dawned on us that we have this anniversary coming up. Over Spring and Summer, we compiled the tracks with the premise to get a lot of core artists and artists we worked with over the last 15 years”, With Tanzmann commenting; “Compilations have always been a little favourite to me. I like to bring artists together for a special release and it offers a great value for the DJs.”

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 17.10.38

As if celebrating the techno and house label’s anniversary with the release of the compilation album is not enough, Tanzmann leads the artists on a worldwide tour, playing legendary venues in Zurich, London, Amsterdam, Italy and Dubai to name a few – “I am looking forward to the tour in general. There are so many great places that we will stop at. Most stops will be in Europe, but we will also be hosting our 15 Years of Moon Harbour events in South and North America.”


So what is it that keeps the Moon Harbour family so tight for 15 years? Its rare to see a label so tight, as it is no surprise that tensions run high with the 24-hour partying, “I think a lot of labels are started out of the wrong reasons and as soon as people realize how hard it is to run a label they just quit. Music-wise I think we always tried to adapt enough to stay current while never forget the groovy, organic Tech-House vibe we stand for. Of course the music we releases changed a lot since 2000 but the key elements of stayed the same. Business-wise you always have to keep up with trends, don’t get to comfy with how you worked over the last years, because it might change super quickly.


In the end, the shows are the thing you are doing the whole thing for. Okay, sleep deprivation might be not the coolest thing, but it’s worth it most of the time. This tour was a challenge in the planning phase since we had a certain time window we would hit, but thanks to André and Jan, our bookers, we got quite a cool tour together.”



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