Peter Doherty & James Johnston exclusive limited edition 12″ vinyl for RSD 2016

With Record Store Day just around the corner, Clouds Hill have a little something up their sleeve.

A Peter Doherty & James Johnston release exclusive limited edition 12” Vinyl, due for worldwide release April 16th.

Track Listing


a1. Peter Doherty – The Whole World Is Our Playground (2:43)

a2. Peter Doherty – The Whole World Is Our Playground, performed live & acoustic (2:45)

aa1. James Johnston – Dark Water (6:40)

aa2. James Johnston – St. Martha’s, performed live (3:15)


It has been 7 years since Libertine’s frontman Peter Doherty’s solo album Grace/Wastelands and his 2nd solo is due for release in the autumn of 2016.

James Johnston, guitarist for PJ Harvey and currently Gallon Drunk’s frontman, is also releasing his debut solo album through German independent record label Clouds Hill, with his 1st commercial single due for release before summer.

This special 12” vinyl includes intimate live recordings from the Clouds Hill Festival in December 2015, which took place at the recording studios in Hamburg-Rothenburgsort.


Watch Doherty’s performance at the festival here –


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