An interview with The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s frontman Anton Newcombe


Imagine you are sat opposite your most respected lecturer, the sometimes tedious lecturer, who quickly asks you “what did I just say?” when he suspects you weren’t listening.

Except you’re sat in an abstract-shaped recording studio in Berlin, with double windows and ‘floating floors’. Surrounded by sitars, tambourines, guitars, drums, bongos, mixing desks and piles of vintage and new vinyl, collected from all around the world.

Except you’re sat with someone, also as respected as your strict lecturer. Someone who doesn’t, and would never need to ask if you are paying full attention, but asks anyway.

You are sat with one of the most experienced, intelligent, expressive, unpredictable, artistic and in depth musicians to have ever created ‘art’.


Its all being live streamed on his very own TV show to hundreds of fans.


Art means many different things to The Brian Jonestown Massacre front man, Anton Newcombe.

Art is the plastic doll heads wrapped in toy snakes sitting above his record collection.

Art is his 14 studio albums, 13 EP’s, five live albums, five compilation albums and ten singles.

Art is one of his film soundtracks.

Anton shares his art with fans across the world on his TV show, Dead TV.


This is one of the first interviews I have been lucky enough to be left speechless about. An interview that has made me re-think some of my life choices and views.

I hope it has the same effect for you guys, so stay tuned!


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