A bit about myself, probably the most boring bit you may choose to read but I congratulate all those who do chose to have a nosey, a-thank-you Sir.

One of my first big interviews, and funniest, Blossoms.

My name is Ruby Tuesday Munslow, points if you can guess why. I’m a music journalism student in Southam-blah blah blah.

When I was 16 I met one of my biggest Idols, Bobby Gillespie, outside his gig in Manchester (La La La), he took my friends and I under his glitter-covered wing upstairs to the after party, where we drank warm beers with Temples, Mani and The Scream. I’m telling you this because I guess this is where it all started.

The more we drank the more politics we talked, the first question (if you will) I asked Bobby was “tell me about your lyrics to 2013”. I guess you could count this as my first tinie weenie interview. His photographer, whom I owe most of my success to, Grant Fleming then took me under his wing and I began being his accomplice.

Pile on with Temples and The Scream

I’d already worked two weeks at the NME offices, needless to say it wasn’t all i’d thought it would be, me and a few other interns worked at the back of the not-so-inspiring offices and did what we could, that’s about it.

The real life journalism worked with Grant, at the door at incredible exhibitions in London town, where I met none other than Paul Weller and Andy Bell. I worked in Grants loft (how dodgy is that sentence?!) going through old legendary footage/photos and starting him up with social media and what not.

Andy Bell @ Grant Fleming’s ‘Hasta La Victoria’ Exhibition.

It was time for my first huge interview and of course it was with Bobby Gillespie, we sat in a tiny cafe in the outskirts of London and chatted for over two hours.

From there i’ve only gone forwards, I now write for a number of online publications and have interviewed bands such as Drenge, and most recently The Libertines as well as me ol’ boy Bez.

So this blog really is just somewhere for me to keep all of my interviews, reviews, news articles and probably a few rants. Any comments are more than welcome.I’m not the best writer, I’ve got that bloody dyslexia but i’m passionate enough about music to write about it.


I’ve got big plans to be some sort of tour manager… record label owner… interviewer, I really don’t know. I’ve always gone where the wind takes me. I’m quite the gob-shite, I love a debate and i’d confidently say I’m a feminist and an activist.

Back stage with Noely G, where we talked toes, Yes, Toes.


Mainly I love talking to people and learning their stories, I love finding new bands and artists.

My musical taste is extremely broad, I’m a huge fan of house music and Dj’s…Floating Points, Four Tet, Detroit Swindle, Scuba, Loefah, Motor City Drum Ensemble, RPR Soundsystem, Session Victim, Joy Orbison… Indie bands (what ever that is these days)… Metronomy, Jungle, Alt-J, The Black Angels, Bombay Bicycle Club, Fat White Family, Drenge, Milburn, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds… The Classics… Hendrix, Nirvana, The white Stripes, Floyd, Zeppelin, The Stones, The Stone Roses, Oasis, Arctic Monkeys…but most of all I fucking love my disco/funk/soul… Al Green, Michael Jackson, Chic, Wilson Pickett, Otis Redding, Donna Summer, Marvin Gaye, EW&F, Kool & The Gang, Billy Ocean, Chuck Berry, Stevie Wonder and -breathe- Jamiroquai.

After a very drunken interview with Bez

Anyway i’ll shut up now because let’s be honest, who gives a fuck about the lanky, Stokie bird?

I hope you all enjoy my blog any-hoo.


instagram – screamadelica__

email – rubytuesday1812@gmail.com

twitter – @rubyymunslow



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